Friday, 20 December 2013

Full Stop.

'Are we there yet?'.

It's the title of this journal and the question that started and sustained a globetrotting, frenzied experiment for so long. It lasted a lot more than expected and took me to all sort of places, worlds and times. It gave me so many lives, lived and missed ones, real and imaginary. It has been a wonderful and crazy four years.

But things change as they do and everything has to come to an end and it usually does when it serves a purpose no more. Now it's time for a new start, it's time to focus on some different questions and put a full stop. We'll get there alright, I know we will but let's allow it finding us for a change, enough searching.

A new adventure is ahead and I'm not even sure what it is yet. We won't lose touch of course, we'll be around. So long everyone, thanks for all your time. And Happy New Year!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Fog.

We've had some really foggy mornings lately in London. I'm talking about thick, moist and silent clouds that isolate you from your very self. Blind, deaf fog. It makes for an unusual walk and some surprising encounters. And it calls for a little sunshine, it begs for it...

Sunday, 15 December 2013

A (Short) Day At The Beach.

For the past two New Year's Days I've had a super-frozen, quick-on-the-spot-jumping, run-to-the-fireplace winter swim in the Adriatic Sea with my best friend. I don't do these things normally, he does!
But they've been particularly enjoyable, even if on an unusually chilly way and this year I'll miss it. To make up for this we took a shot at a preemptive swim two weeks ago, more than a month before the proper day. Alas, the weather turned out particularly nasty and we had to abandon the plan... All I have is this pic and the promise to make up in late winter/early spring. I can hold out that long surely.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Staying The Course.

Sometimes it seems life has its own purpose and takes over. And no matter how much you try, it'll run its course and take its time. There's a lot you can do to distract yourself and catch up at the next show with a fresh pair of eyes, but right there is when you have to stay, let go and enjoy it. This is where the script ends and all's scary, full of surprises and God-knows-what!

It's difficult and very few stay the course but as a wise and well-weathered friend pointed out to me once: "if it's not difficult, it's not worth it; there's nothing to lose".