Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Bulgarian Grandad.

This grandad is not my grandad, I don't have any any more. But he is the closest thing I could ever have. His nickname is "the Bulgarian" and how he acquired it is a story of old, told with the syntax and references of different times.
He goes to the village coffee shop to meet his friends and siblings twice a day; but has only one coffee. He tells great stories and laughs with his heart. Frequently he accidentally calls people on his mobile phone. Every Saturday he goes to the cemetery to visit his wife. He likes young people and especially girls. He loves his granddaughters and his best friend must be his grandson-in-law. He doesn't mind being teased and speaks German. He tries to keep low and stay out of trouble. And he takes pride in his garden. He takes care of the plants and will pick his artichokes, peppers and beans daily. He has all sorts of crops. Sometimes he even takes me up there to show me.

Come to think of it, I think he is my grandad after all. And I'm happy for it.

Monday, 21 May 2012


And while at it, I had the chance to visit a new, special place on the island. It's called Silvaland and it's an equestrian centre, focusing on therapeutic horseback riding. With brand new stables and amenities built on a wonderful estate right in the middle of the greenest hillsides, lovely people, a world famous horse-whisperer and adorable horses it is a place to cherish. Well worth visiting and I guess I'll do just that again soon.
Visit http://www.silvaland.gr/ and put in your schedule if you're around this part of the globe.


I have been spending some more time in Greece during the past year, Corfu in particular. No need to go into details here, let's just say that I'm getting slowly acclimatized to a more stable lifestyle and also starting to get glamorous!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's Summertime!

What's that you say? It isn't yet, we're only in May? Well, summer is always in ourselves, in our hearts and minds. Look for it and you'll find that warm, bright corner.
Summer itself is just a season, it comes and goes like everything else. Nothing is around for long. And to be frank I like my winters too, all seasons for that matter.
But summertime is not a season only, it's that sweet feeling of contentment and joyful days. Legs up and peaceful moments. It's everywhere.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hair Raising.

What's it gonna be? A dark, dark night will descend or a fresh, crisp morning will dawn? Huh? Neither maybe? A foggy compromise I hope not.

Election Day!

Today it's not just an ordinary day in Greece. It's election day! In the midst of a financial storm and social upheaval it's time for a reckoning. The suitcases are packed and at the ready. Lets see where the ticket is for.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Strictly No Vegeterians.

Easter in Greece is not the place to be if you're a veggie with a sensitive disposition and sense of smell. You could feast like a king on the extras and all, you wont starve. Have fun, get drunk and dance. But try ignoring the roasting lamb on the spit. Poor beast.