Monday, 18 October 2010

Running In The Parks.

Back in London and feeling at home. Even better, my first outing this time was a gloriously sunny Sunday morning in the Royal Parks (Hyde, Green and St. James' Parks) to support a friend like few, running her second half-marathon. She did great, suffering from a bad flu considered, and made us all proud. The mental strength and determination required are incredible and it's so special being there to witness it.

Of course this being London and especially a sunny one, there was a whole carnival of colours and eccentricity laid out. Families and bunches of friends, with loved ones running or not, wigs and costumes, activities, food and drinks, games and mobile phones ablaze for directions and then some more. And with most of this hullabaloo bringing people together and helping out charities of all kinds, it's hard not to enjoy it.
Well done Sairan. And thanks for the wonderful Sunday.x