Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Road Kill.

Driving in Greece is always an experience.
It's not that the drivers are just exceptionally bad; they are, but I've seen worse. It's not even the shot and painted over with love scribbles road signs; at least they exist. Loads of them. And the road culture is appalling, full of testosterone and mindlessness.

What breaks my heart is the blindness. The blindness to the army of statuettes, murals, miniature churches and commemorating stands, some eerily sparkling new and some forgotten, bent and rusty that fill the sides of all roads. Each one stands for a death and each one tells a story. Hundreds upon hundreds of them. And somehow they are a mirage, ghosts that most people pass by without ever noticing.

*UPDATE: This little story has been expanded photographically and is still in growth. Since there are so many of these roadside murals it will keep getting renewed and refined for quite a while I believe. You can visit the current version here.