Monday, 17 October 2011

3 The World!

It finally arrived in London and from Saturday the Occupy Movement is live in the city centre. The attempt to protest and occupy the stock exchange failed in its infancy when police contained, suffocated and broke up the initial gathering of several thousand protesters at St. Paul's cathedral. They used their infamous "kettle" again. Regrouping and setting camp at the stairs and trapped for several hours the crowd kept singing, shouting, debating and demanding an end to this lunacy of corporate greed and political complicity and corruption.

With a technicolor appearance and statement but Julian Assange of Wikileaks (and loads of pushing, shoving and rampant rumors of another arrest following him) and even some football on the streets, it was a heartening display of resolve, anger and hope. There's a permanent delegation in-situ and more to come. Stay tuned.