Monday, 23 January 2012

Freshly Squeezed!

I believe it's been almost a month since we had anything meaningful in here, except New Year wishes that is. Who said it's been meaningful so far is another question of course; please don't ask... In any case you're here. And I have to thank you for that. I do.

So what's been up then? Well, it took me a thousand days to get around to it and a million hours to actually do it but it's almost over now. The new website is up and running (and panting)! Completely redesigned and hopefully smart, nimble and easy to navigate. It's hard work these thingies. If you haven't got a clue that is and of course I was as dumb as a cucumber with this sort of stuff. But we made it. Have a look and feel free to mothball it if you have to.

The truly big news though is that the launch pad is ready too. We'll have lift-off in a few days and I haven't even packed my toothbrush yet. New plan, new destination and new adventures (hopefully). Quite keen and sweaty-handed I am. We're getting back to a more regular schedule then. Refreshed and revamped.

I hope you had enough of winter so far cause for it's nearly over. As long as I find that toothbrush...
*And don't forget to visit the site huh? I need a second opinion remember? And a reason to justify all these hours!