Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Foreigner.

Here's a thing.
Back in the old days of 2012, and after struggling for months with photos from my Indian adventure, I managed to get together another little bookie. The shape, the paper and even the idea behind it were different. It was a super laborious pregnancy and delivery but it made it. Just about.
It's been a while since then and I admit I didn't let many people know about it. Why? That's just me I guess. But here's the thing. The book has been entered into the ever-expanding, insanely variegated and immensely absorbing iPL, the independent Photobook Library. And according to the lovely Larissa Leclair, all three of my paper offspring will feature in the upcoming "A Fair" exhibition. Lets all watch the iPL newsletter for more info, right? (I will).
Cheers guys.