Sunday, 24 November 2013


It was four years ago to the week almost, that this blog started. A long and spontaneous travel adventure triggered everything and a whole life before triggered that. All has changed in the meantime and mostly me. And it was the return from that trip that coincided with some of the biggest changes. Looking back, the aftermath has been more profound than the trip itself.

The reason for this post though is the leave of my best friend, four years later and with the same destination, having gone through some revelatory times and having walked some parallel steps together in between. I'm full of hope and admiration but surprisingly little jealousy for his fresh start. Inertia is a powerful thing but motivation and need are even stronger. I've learned to miss and will do so again but life keeps on moving. (If anything, I'm afraid we might have been there and missed the stop.)

Good luck and enjoy it Mr. P!