Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Santa Teresa on the Bonde!

Talking about hair-raising extreme sports!

All I wanted to do was to visit the bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa, atop a hill in the middle of Rio, next to the famous-infamous Lapa, surrounded by favelas, the ocean and a sub-tropical (and concrete) jungle. And the "Bonde" the old style tram that climbs up there seemed like the perfect means, R$0.60 the ticket (hard to believe I know, that's 20p in UK) and a ride on top the old aqueduct, plus the lavish views was a no-brainer!

However, the fact that I had to be hanging from the rail, effectively outside the car and narrowly avoiding passing buses and lampposts made it a bit more fun than I expected, in a non-conventional way I have to admit. The views are staggering, the neighborhoods lovely and the locals pretend to be traffic wardens on the dangerous corners. And I should not forget the frequent and frightening sudden stops, people hopping on-off and the unmistakable screeching of the inevitable catastrophe that never materialized!

The way back was on foot, nice stroll by the sunset. I would (and will) do it again!
ps: nothing but a shaky couple of photos from my phone this time, I had no free hands you see!