Friday, 16 April 2010

Got Loads Of Answers But Which Is The Question?

Following on from the comment exchange with Tina on a previous post, the point needs to be restated: What is the right question? You always get answers, answers are easy and plenty, everybody has one or more. But the question, the right question is the key.

I've known people here that keep asking the wrong questions, I've met others that have none but still stick to their answers and others that do not even suspect that their questions are not suitable. My questions, my very own ones, do I know them? I might do. I suspect that most people do or at least they have a secret clue. That does not mean that it's easy to face them or that they're ready for them and I'm no different.

One way is to keep asking them, another never to do so. But one thing is for sure the way I see it. You'll only recognize the right question when its answer is self evident. After all, there are loads of answers, everybody has one or more, but they never seem to answer anything. They never seem to solve anything because the question is not there. Yet.