Thursday, 15 April 2010

You Can't Always Win.

Everybody knows that but most people only remember only when they lose. And I'm certainly one of those people. Well tonight I lost big time.

That's a very dramatic introduction right? Ha ha ha... Even I took me seriously for a second. What I lost today was a fight that can never be won. It was time to return to my beloved Rio, all was set and arranged, all was smooth albeit a bit emotional. There's nothing wrong with that. But. But I had to fight with nature. And you can never win against that monster.

The weather has been atrocious lately. (I'm sure you've heard about the disaster in Rio last week. I did not manage to muster anything to say about it, it was too bad I guess. I still have no words, let's not cheapen it up.) Well, in order to make my way to the airport, a sleepy 40 minutes normally, I had to make my way through bamboo jungles, navigate tropical lakes, get lost in the night with no moon or stars for guidance and got whipped for hours as if I were a witch. I fought with dragons and narrowly escaped piranhas. And I'm sure I was delirious for a while cause there's an hour missing in my mind. It wasn't only the water and my stuff that weighed me down, the game was lost from the outset. And when I finally reached the check-in desk with one and a half hours of delay it was beyond funny. The Odyssey kept unfolding with "folded" credit cards, endless delays, unreliable internet and (surprisingly) dodgy food. Now, I'm writing these few notes on the cold marble floor while Jurassic Park is right there behind that window.

Oh well, I shouldn't moan. It's just that I'm bored and tired at the same time. The past week has been great once more, I'm slightly wiser and a lot more happier, certainly older but at the same time fresher. What's one night in eternity right? Got no photos for you this time. I'll gather some crumbles, but got nothing really.