Thursday, 17 December 2009

La Boca!

What a fantastic place it is!

Ok, there are no grand avenues, it's not wealthy or leafy, hasn't got 8-10-12 story buildings, no parks and it's mostly known for it's football team. There are narrow little streets, it's poor, has few trees here and there and shabby dwellings, but it's got character, history and wonderful people. And Maradona! I need to come back here, need to meet more locals (after I improve my non-existent Spanish that is), need to spend more time!
I will do all of them in due time.

Rest of the day: I got a suit! I came 9,900 km for my friend's wedding and now I'll even wear a tie! It's my first tie ever mind you, a pure tie-virgin! I don't know what else I'll do for this guy.... Choc, it'd better worth it!

A few pics again, and sleep!