Friday, 11 December 2009

A long walk that was..

Today was the first full day out of my hiding place. I was back sooner than expected.
Lessons of the day: 1) Buenos Aires is BIG, 2) It is also HOT, 3) I need new shoes!!!

The above being easy to decipher, I'd like to elaborate on some more interesting parts of my day.

Cementerio La Recoleta es estupendo! I know, I start with a chilly subject but it's worth it. Wonderful cenotaphs, the who's-who of the city's past. Most are a bit over the top for my taste but still a very enjoyable few hours.
The boundaries between upper and lower class neighborhood are easy to miss. Nothing particularly shocking but it's perfectly clear where you are nevertheless. Haven't been that far yet though.
Avenida 9 Julio must be the biggest urban motorway on earth! Right in the middle of the city, 9 lanes each direction! Six zebra crossings to go to the other side. Thankfully, a demo made it so much easier. I love demos!

A few photos will follow. I think I'll stick to photos from now on, it took me 43 mins to type the above. I was never good with (written) words I'm afraid.