Sunday, 20 December 2009

A Night (and Morning) to remember!

Last night was the wedding. And what a wedding it was!
Discreet ceremony, superb reception, beautiful people, loads of drinks and fun!!! And then some more.

Time was set for 8pm, we started at 9 and by 9.30 the deed was done. We were on our way to the reception. Aperitifs, three courses (with partying in between!-never seen it before but it's one hell of an idea) and deserts, cake and all, and loads of champagne! And Tango of course. Somewhere there, after 3am I'm guessing, the worst kept secret of the week was confirmed with a spectacular and emotional unveiling of the first photo of young Choco! Unfortunately, some of us missed it, as we were having a fag outside... And the party went on, turning into a mini Carnival! Around 5-6am, breakfast was served...

And the (next) day concluded in Los Locos' flat around 10am this morning. The last few hours were increasingly incomprehensible needless to say. All in all, it was a night to remember!

Need to recover now, tomorrow we start Spanish lessons. Wish me luck!
(the tie worked just fine by the way, did it's job superbly)