Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hunting For Silk.

India being famous for its fabrics and me having a commission to find some silk led me to Crawford market and the flyway-shaded Mohamed Ali Road. They say you can find everything here and I found my silk alright.
In busy alleys and frantic traffic, indoors and on the streets, thousands of people trading, carrying and shopping for housewares, clothes and food or anything imaginable. The nearby bazaar has second hand safes, cannibalized cars and antiques. And the occasional goat or cow roaming around. A slide of the Apollo 11 crew and old Bollywood posters for example rub shoulders with star-shaped pineapple slices and sugarcane juice. One needs to mind his toes from the ever present mopeds and train his ears for the cacophony of beeping but you new that already didn't you?