Monday, 13 February 2012

The Traffic!

The traffic is out of this world in this city. The amount of cars, taxis, buses and motorized rickshaws is overwhelming. There are bicycles too and some of the worst offenders are pedestrians. Cross anywhere and anytime. At least the latter ones don't keep beeping their way through the ocean of steel ahead. Ah, the beeping...
All round there's a thick gravy of urgency in the air. It's a huge city of course, a frenetic pace is part of the ecology and from a practical point of view there are all too many obstacles to get in your way. But here is a rush to move like there's no tomorrow. As if standing still or waiting for the traffic lights will turn someone into stone.

Alas, it all works somehow. After all I've only seen a car hitting a precariously-crossing-over pedestrian once and he was dazed but standing.