Monday, 20 February 2012

My Stool.

This morning I was waiting for a pick up by SV Road, a super bustling central traffic artery of Mumbai. And being early for once, I sat on the edge of a side-walk flower bed. Two puffs into my morning cigarette and the security guard of the construction plot behind me taps me on the shoulder and nods his disapproval. And I'm baffled! Everybody sits anywhere here, you can practically find everything you imagine on the streets, and then some more. What's wrong with my cozy spot?
Before I could answer my naive question though, another tap on the shoulder and the same guard wearing his brightest smile has fetched me a stool. A stool to sit on the pavement while I wait! Now I'm confused. And humbled and blushing. The surreal and the kind in the length of a cigarette.