Thursday, 15 March 2012

By The River.

A lot of thought went into the destination for Holi. Most people asked agreed though. "Do not go to Mathura!"

Mathura is where Lord Krishna was born. A few hours away from Delhi and Agra, it's one of the main sacred cities of the country. Holi here is serious business and a reputation of over-keenness so to speak follows the city. The temples are grand and numerous, the Yamuna river as holy as it gets and hence somewhat abused, the old city beyond Holi Gate beautiful and crazed in traffic and noise. The cows are roaming freely as expected and the monkeys are picking up whatever lies around. But I have to admit I'm still not sure what to make of this place.

It's as anarchic and undisciplined as it gets, you certainly wouldn't call it clean-even by India's standards, and the locals are a wild bunch of sorts. We made a great friend though, a stocky man with a fine cooking talent, a wonderful old haveli of a house and a smiling family, a nimbly Vespa and an old Colt. This man and his roadside garage-of-a-restaurant I already miss.