Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Most Important Day of Your Life!

Indian weddings are famous for their intricate proceedings and deep symbolism, their length extending for days and of course the hundreds of guests and their extravagance. I've had some experience of such events in London but none was as opulent as implied by the cliche. Talking with friends the other night I heard about staggering numbers and expenses but was still skeptical.

And then I took a walk around Marine Drive's wedding reception dens. Usually cricket grounds, college or associations' common grounds they moonwalk as luxurious and gold-dressed stages of epics. More than a few lined up against the sunset lit bay, with hundreds of people in all attires and headgear tending the endless flowers, innumerable chairs, tables and sofas, dozens of types of food in individual stalls, hi-tech camera cranes and sophisticated lighting gear, elaborate shrines to the Gods and Ganesh in particular. My head was spinning! Each one was a Bollywood super-production in itself and there were many. One thousand guests each and as much gold as one can eat!

Backstage, the already tired waiters and MCs were watching a cricket game on the nearby ground. In playful mood in front of the camera they offered an oasis of real world and a slice of humour to the pilgrim. I'm grateful.