Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Low Tide.

The tomb of the Muslim saint Haji Ali lies on a small rocky island connected to the land with a narrow concrete strip. Pilgrims flock to pray from all over the city and especially on Fridays the place gets swamped. The rocks surrounding the mosque is a popular spot for a bite and during low tide the faithful brave the slipperiness for a photo in front of the holy island and the skyscrapers in the background. Fishing boats lying lopsided, stalls selling mementos with the auspicious number 786, toys or fake jewelery, the beggars filling the gaps, walking to the mosque is a psychedelic ride.
The mosque itself is quite humble but extremely busy. There's singing praising the saint on the courtyard and praying throughout the day, a good place to meet people and a place to eat. Despite the noisiness I found it a welcome escape and stimulating meditation spot.