Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Montevideo looks old. At least La Ciudad Vieja, the old city, looks old. I know, that's it's name and it's supposed to be, but what I mean is more neglected than just old. There is a certain beauty in that but it's not something that would instantly win you over.

After the craziness of Buenos Aires, this feels like a provisional town in comparison. I mean, Montevideo has 1.3 million people but everything is so much slower and quiet. I like that, at least right now.

The main point for me is the waterfront. Technically we're still at the end of Rio de La Plata, but it actually feels like the ocean. Today it has been stormy all day. Drizzle and rain, and drizzle again but incredibly windy as well. You can imagine how that turned out at the port and the south seafront! It has nice food too. Of the all-the-meat-you-can-eat school of cuisine but still very nice. And the people are seriously friendly.

So, it has been the little break I needed after BA but I didn't fall in love with the place I have to admit. Yet.
PS: the nearest beaches are too far for my comfort. I'll be patient another couple of days I guess......