Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Parana Delta.

Today was a wonderful day. Very very hot and humid I'm afraid, but it was fantastic!

The Delta of the Parana river, less than one hour by train from Buenos Aires is a spectacular water maze seemingly in the middle of the jungle. The river and all its little branches spread and converge and split and meet again forming an endless pattern of small and larger islands. Along the banks there are hundreds of houses, some simple huts, some small holiday homes and some quite grandiose villas, with the only connection with the city being by boat through Tigre.

We had lunch in one of the local restaurants on the bank of a small triangular island and we walked. A lot! The place is just beautiful! The vegetation is so diverse (doubtless not all of it is natural-I cannot imagine pine trees growing on their own in there but I might be wrong), the river and it's canals twist and turn, thick shadows pierced by blazing sun-rays, kids swim everywhere, wooden footpaths and footbridges and so many more things to marvel at. I can imagine this place being a sanctuary of a kind for months!

Here's the place:,+Argentina&ll=-34.33323,-58.52211&spn=0.175774,0.441513&t=h&z=11