Monday, 3 May 2010

Florianopolis, Curitiba and Beyond

After the deluge in Trindade and Paraty our little company demanded some sun. Back in Rio the sun was shinning but our compass was pointing south, to the Iguazu Falls. And it was Floripa and Curitiba that were called to the rescue.

The first is famous for it's summer, beaches and surf. I'm afraid they have to be followed in that order. Without the summer, the other two are of limited use. Sure, we got our sun but the city and most of the island was in poor shape. The party was over, the beaches were wonderful and wonderfully empty and the water cold. And somehow the city itself was not exactly what you would call a night-spot. Anyway, next time we must get the timing right.

Curitiba on the other hand is at an altitude of almost 1000m and has no beaches close by, so we knew what (not) to expect. A nice city though. Mostly a student one and surprisingly organized, prosperous and neat, it is regarded as a model-city for Brazil and more. I liked it. A tight historical center, nicely laid out, a Sunday market, loads of young people and unmistakably reminiscent of Europe. I have to admit that it wouldn't be my favorite place in South America but it's certainly worth a visit. And the little corner place with the local guys playing samba for the whole sunny afternoon made my day!

All in all the further north I am in this country the more at home I seem to be. And it's not as obvious as it sounds, but it is as certain as the sunrise we'll have in a few hours. Now, we can't wait for Iguazu. Everybody's been there and nobody's been let down. It is one of the wonders of this little blue planet and we'll pay our respects. Until then: