Monday, 31 May 2010

Winter days.

Back in RJ. One does not need many excuses to return here, but this time I had some noble reasons. Namely people, people I spent precious time with, people that in a short while formed strong bonds with. And without a doubt there is no better reason why one should be somewhere or not.

The week , the week here that is (in no calendar order of course, for this sense of perpetual continuity and abstractness has taken over long time ago), started slow and sweet. In this so natural way that RJ has with everything breathing and loving. Picked up pace and swelled, got to rhythm and synchronized, moved its limbs and joined with others, added some sugar, lime and class to its recipe and broke in a laugh right on time. And the night after that it wore it's bright colours, walked barefoot on the sand at night and wished happy birthday to the music, in full moon and thousands of holding hands. And the next morning, sensually enough, under a blazing winter sun and a cloudless sky, mingled with the beautiful people, the same people as before (even though they might have been physically absent) and many more, shook off the dust of the past and sipped cold drinks to quell its thirst, the thirst for life and fragile moments.

It had promised much more to come. Today it was meant to be a ride to a special place, with special people of course and special food. Alas, it will have to wait, let's not forget it's winter time. Time for dreaming without planning, for waiting without asking.