Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mission Ruins of Trinidad.

The old ruins of the Jesuit missions of the 17-18th centuries in South America are spread in a vast area comprising parts of modern day Paraguay, north Argentina and south Brazil. Mostly and originally around the river Parana the main purpose of them was the conversion of local peoples (Tupi-Guarani) to Catholicism. It is certainly a debatable issue, but the truth is that within a century, the Jesuits were expelled from the continent and the missions were left to decay.

The closest mission ruins to Encarnacion are the ruins of "La Santisima Trinidad de ParanĂ¡", or simply Trinidad. It was one of the last missions to be built in the area of the Parana River. Whatever their history and controversy, walking around the ruins of the central plaza, church and housing buildings for the priests and locals is certainly fascinating. A few photos from this particular place follow, but it's something one has to spend a lot more time to grasp.

Further (essential) reading available from Wikipedia here and here.