Monday, 10 May 2010

Vida Continua..

It's been a retrospecting day and a day of looking ahead. The past five months have been wondrous, have been exciting and refreshing. They have been seemingly endless and here I am at my starting point again.

Returning in Buenos Aires after so long was always going to be tricky and it was just that. Everything looks and feels so familiar, so close and common, it's almost as if I've been here for years, almost as if I never left. It's a hard place. A tough, grand city full of concrete and avenues, people and cars and at the same time a city of mystery and secrets. Yet, I always have the impression that I know every corner of it. This time round though the spell was broken instantly. I do know this place, I've known it ever since I was 18, ever since I moved to Athens for the first time. It's the megalopolis of my past and will be the Capital of my psyche for ever. It's all linked with a thin spider web of memories and moments, every corner like the inevitably familiar turn in a maze, desperate and still comforting.

It's a new start, another start in that endless sequence of starts that interweave and form the net of our lives. Not just another point in a line, more like another random intersection of an endless network of memories and instincts. And once again the past and the future and the never-quite-existing now are merged. The genie has returned to its oil lamp to rest but its gentle wheezing snore will e a good company in the nights to come.