Saturday, 1 May 2010

Underworld Heaven

There are some nights that exist only as a dimensionless pulp of moments, a conglomeration of seconds and minutes and hours and seemingly weeks. Surely a misguided illusion but an inescapable one nevertheless.
And there are places where any sense of space is lost between infinity and non-existence. It is impossible to feel the limits of your own body as it merges with thousands more and at the same time floats in a cosmic soup.

When the gravitational field of this universe consists of hard beats, sweat, flesh, sex, alcohol and smoke, when the frenetic dancing and the deafening, saturated sound waves pierce you in an evil, unforgiving fashion and all this time you're in heaven, it can only be an Underworld Heaven.

It's not a secret, it's not sect; it's only a Baile Funk. The music (pronounced funky) is a raw, filthy and bloody species of a beat, the dance is a barely masked sex ceremony, the floor is as dirty as possible, the dj is incapable of playing more than a minute of each track and the sense is better than you'd ever expect. What more can one ask for? No reason to be intimidated, it's in a favela for sure, somewhere in this human jungle we call world but everybody's here for the same reason: F U N! Just get down and dirty.
(photos 1,2 and 4 are courtesy of Chris Vucic. Thanks Chris.)