Thursday, 1 July 2010

Short Stories (to be told).

Brave blonde with braces and the glass-eyed waiter.
How a prawn stew can make you a pimp.
It's not 4-1, it's 0-0.
Burning cars and pop-corn.
On midget dermatologists and sharp scalpels.
How much?
When possessed, wear white!
One-armed taxi driver in a hurricane.
Followed by suspiciously suspicious drunks.
Blind barber with Parkinson's.
Smugglers, dogs and cheeseburgers.
Good evening, oral sex?
Beef and Pineapple; or The Balcony.
Plastic chairs.
Always know your wife's name.
Dropped your egg? Here's another.
How to grill cheese with a DVD case.
Bats, cigars and headless chickens.
Monkeys for breakfast.
Don't shave that!