Wednesday, 21 July 2010

North by North-West.

I found myself in São João del Rei and the beautiful mining towns of Minas took a strange turn. The churches are as immaculate as always, the narrow alleys and cobble-streets bumpy and oozing history, the little squares as lazy and sleepy as always. There's a stream cutting through the town, bridges and hills, great views and even a fully functioning textile factory from the 19th century, sweating away night and day. But during dinner came the twist.

A huge truck with a long trailer, both decorated with Christmas lights, bells ringing and colourful spotlights flashing left and right passed by. The trailer had a floor and a ceiling of course but no walls, instead a single bar (or were there more?) was keeping it's stock from falling out. And it was not carrying sheep or cows, it was kids and youngsters, people on board. They were waving wildly at everything on their way, singing and pretending to be dancing to the music screeching out of some well hidden speakers. Nobody batted an eyelid, nobody even bothered to raise their eyes. I thought I was dreaming, it must have been a mirage, an illusion. What was that?

And then I saw it again, different part of the town, different song, me with the same half-open mouth in amazement. Again nobody paid attention, it was as if it never existed. Three times it passed in one night and out of my surprise I never managed to take a picture of it. It always took me by surprise, appeared out of nowhere, and in what felt like super-slow motion, disappeared at the next corner. I guess Rudolf is getting old
by now.