Friday, 16 July 2010

Ghosts And Empires.

Petrópolis is a city of history. The summer residence of the Brazilian emperors and later presidents, home of the palace of Pedro II - now turned into one of the most visited museum in the country, a place with strong German influences from the numerous immigrants during the past centuries.

It sits atop the hills, among the clouds and it's green. A sickly little stream runs through it and the beautiful old houses and mansions of the late coffee magnates are sprouting around. Its Gothic churches pierce the gray sky and it's deceptively large. The people walk in a rush, they seem to have a pressing purpose in their steps, they're going somewhere and could not afford to be late.

And then there are some old mansions, with worn carpets and cobwebs, old oil paintings and stained windows, creaking floors, locked doors. It's like the Overlook Hotel. With it's ghosts running around frantically in shopping malls and restaurants during the day and coming back to their history to sleep at sundown. The streets were deserted after 10.