Saturday, 3 July 2010

End In Two Acts.

Woke up startled yesterday morning. Explosions, fire brigade sirens, shouting and radio at full volume. Or was it the TV? Did not get up, the big game was scheduled for this afternoon and I thought that the neighbors were just testing their equipment. Shifted sides and on the first gentle meeting of my eyelids a familiar melody met my eardrums. The Brazilian national anthem. Could I possibly be wrong-could the game be in the morning, in 2 minutes to be precise? We had big plans for today, a grand, alcohol and samba infused fiesta. Everything was in place to celebrate the semis. Could this not be another perfect day?

Three hours later, with just a coffee in me, my yellow jersey in a wrinkly mood and a silly numbness in the air I found myself at Flamengo beach. A can collector asked for my empty container of liquid sugar. He was very animated, got excited about my origin but mostly my English. I was lazy but got excited about his origin and his Portuguese. He sat down, we gifted each other a three course meal of grammar, syntax and vocabulary and before sunset parted. While on his way, he fired back that he was very upset after the game, but now he was happy. Another day is coming tomorrow and he practiced his English, what was wrong with that? Me, I was on my way for another coffee.