Friday, 23 July 2010

Pulling Teeth.

The first attempt to make a country out of the vastness of Brazil was the InconfidĂȘncia Mineira in 1789. And its leader was a man that was to be cut into pieces and scattered all over the Mining Town as an example. The plot was swiftly folded but of course in time his dream materialized. He was born in this little village that bears his nickname, Tiradentes or the "teeth-puller". He was a dentist.

The white and yellow church at the top of the hill, adorned with maybe more gold than any other church in the country, is testament to the mining rush of gone times. And now pink horse carriages with cartoon stickers take the tourists around in bumpy rides. The houses are white with blue and yellow windows, and on the windowsills are girl statuettes, the Namoradeiras, looking at the passers-by with dreamy, smiling eyes. I'm not sure who are they waiting for or what do they think of us but they make for a comforting company.